The Best Diet For Healthy Hair And Skin

Believe it or not, if you eat a lot of sugar or consume a lot of sugary drink your skin becomes inflamed. Because sugar or carbohydrates in general go a long way in inflaming the human body. This is due to the fact that carbohydrates have a molecular structure that essentially acts as some sort of vacuum device for water. Now people drink water. In fact, their bodies are 80% or more were mostly liquid.

But when we eat or drink lots of items that have high levels of carbohydrates, we introduce into our body molecules that basically suck up waters. So we keep drinking and we bloat up and then our whole becomes inflamed. Sugar and carbohydrates are bad news when it comes to overall human health because of inflammations.

When you look at people with high carb diets and low to regular exercise levels, you see a lot of inflammation. This is due to the fact that the carbs in their system pulls and retains so much water. This causes havoc on skin health since everything from the top layers to the oil producing layers of skin are heavily impacted.

First, your skin’s dead layer-the outer layer-doesn’t shed as regularly since inflammation interrupted your skin’s normal replenishment cycle.

So what’s so bad with inflammation? Well, if you’re inflamed, or your blood vessels are into a lot of stress, it is nor surprised that people who eat a lot of sweets or consume a lot of sugar tend to have high blood pressure. This of course can lead to all sorts of cardiovascular issues and a stroke in the future.

Inflammation also doesn’t do your nervous system any favors. You suffer from brain fog. Sometimes you get hit by migraines. Indeed, when people eat sugar for fuel instead of fat, their nerve endings can suffer from operational issues. They simply aren’t as efficient as they should be.

On top of all that, when you’re inflamed, your skin doesn’t look all that good.

When people eat a lot of carbohydrates and sugar, their skin tend to dry up because a lot of the water in skin’s moisture is drawn by all these free floating carbohydrates water hungry molecules. Bloating your system due to a high carb intake made possible by a diet rich in rice, mashed potatoes or highly processed white bread can be murder on your skin.

Your skin’s internal healing system doesn’t have the internal resources to deal with everything it has to maintain-from pushing out the dead outer layer of your skin to healing the internal portion of skin tissue to regulating the oil production layer of your epidermis. Left unchecked, your skin is more likely to suffer from dandruff, break out in acne attacks, or even go through hair loss. It’s not a pretty sight.

The bottom line, as far as your skin health goes, is simple: a high carb diet is bad news.

Get those carb molecules out of the way and your skin achieves equilibrium. It’s nice and supple. It’s soft to touch. It’s not dry, it’s not scratchy. It’s very resilient. All these factors lead to better overall skin health.

When you relieve your skin of carb-induced inflammation, you give your whole skin system a chance to recover and regain its balance. Please understand that your skin is actually playing a very delicate balancing act.

It has to devote resources to the outer, middle, and deep layers of your skin in addition to regulating oil production. That’s a lot of stuff to juggle and it is no surprise that people who eat the carb-rich Standard American Diet end up with bad skin on so many levels.

This is why the best diet for healthy hair and skin is actually quite simple. It’s a high fat, low carb diet. You can load up on eggs, eat all sorts of oils, dressings and other high fat items. As long as you cut down on the carbs, you should be fine. For the longest time, US Food authorities as well as self proclaimed dietary experts have made fat and cholesterol villains.

This is the real tragedy of the American diet. For the longest time, we have been gorging on the stuff that is actually making sick while remaining fully convinced that the nutrient we are trying to avoid is bad for us.

For decades we’ve been told that fat is bad for us but it turns out that it’s the opposite. When people load up on pasta, white bread, mashed potatoes or polished rice, they’re actually injecting pure uncut sugar into their veins.

This sugar sucks up a lot of water that causes a tremendous amount of inflammation. It’s a sad situation. Your body becomes inflamed, your skin starts to dry or starts to age or crack. It’s not a good look.

So do yourself a big favor. If you are looking to modify your diet to maximize the overall condition of your skin, you might want to start by cutting out on the sugar. It’s not as hard as you think. The first step is to get rid of soda.

If you are able to manage that then you can scale up to the next step of cutting out all candies, and then cutting out all products that have either high fructose corn syrup in it or plain old sugar. Regardless of how you play it, cutting down on sugar, loading up on fat like eggs, avocado, all sorts of nuts, you become healthier and guess what, you also start looking better.

It takes a lot of getting used to. Why? Sugar is very addictive. It doesn’t take much to get hooked. In fact, if you go a day without your usual sugar intake level, you can develop cold sweat and even headaches and dizziness. You have to overcome these. Focus on what you stand to gain by dropping your carb/sugar habit.

It really all boils down to getting rid of as much inflammation as possible. It can be done. People on the Keto Diet do these all the time. If they can do it, why can’t you?