The Health Benefits of Drinking Homemade Lemon Water

When you drink homemade lemon water, please understand that you’re not drinking lemonade. A lot of people are under the impression that homemade lemon water simply means squeezing out a few lemons, putting the drops in a pitcher and piling on the sugar.

What would have been a very nice and healthy concoction turned south quickly the moment you added sugar to your mixture. Please understand that lemon water has some traditional health benefits. After all, it contains lemon juice.

The problem is, by adding a tremendous amount of sugar, you are canceling those health benefits. In fact, you may be creating more problems than you are solving.

Now, you may be thinking what does “excess sugar” mean? After all, if you put just enough sugar on any kind of liquid just to make it sweet, then that shouldn’t be any cause for alarm, right? You may be shocked to find out that if you really want to optimize your health, you need to keep your carbohydrate intake locked down.

I know that sounds a bit harsh. I know that’s kind of a weird way of describing sugar intake. After all, most people have a sweet tooth. People can easily wrap their minds around the idea that fat is somehow bad for them. But sugar? Come on.

You’ve been eating and drinking sugar for so long, how can this white crystalline powder be so bad for you? The problem is, if you are drinking homemade lemon water, and you want to get its health benefits, you’re canceling out those health benefits by adding sugar.

It turns out that if you go over a couple of spoonfuls of sugar per day, you’re pretty much putting yourself in harm’s way in terms of long-term health effects. After all, a lot of the products that you’re probably going to eat throughout the day already contain sugar.

In fact, a lot of products that you don’t think contain sugar, have sugar in one form or another. Wrap your mind around this discussion about sugar before we jump into the health benefits of drinking homemade lemon water.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who get into the whole homemade lemon water thing do themselves a big disservice by adding sugar into the mix. Sugar has no place in homemade lemon water.

The health benefits of drinking homemade lemon water

Better healing

Homemade lemon water contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is crucial for tissue repair processes. If you are recovering from any kind of wound, or external skin damage, or acne, drinking lemon water can definitely do you good.

On top of that, vitamin C is instrumental in repairing tissue damage that you can’t see. For example, if you just started going to the gym and started hitting the weights, you probably feel sore right now. The reason why you’re feeling that way is because there are tons of microscopic tears in your muscle mass; these require repair.

With proper supplementation and the right blend of vitamins, your muscles can repair sooner and this increases the bulk and the strength of your muscle mass.

Boost your immune system

When you increase your intake of vitamin C, regardless of source, you boost your immune system. It’s easy to discount the effects of our immune system. After all, it’s hard to get excited about stuff that could have happened, or stuff that you can’t see.

Believe me, you will only know the value of your immune system when it breaks down and you get diseases that you normally shouldn’t get. That’s how important our immune system is. It works on autopilot in the background.

It may be silent, it may be invisible, but believe me, it’s all too important. And the best way to ensure that your immune system remains in tip-top shape is to drink or take vitamin C. Preferably, you eat vitamin C in the form of fruits and vegetables.

Homemade lemon water goes a long way in giving you the vitamin C that you need to make this happen.

Prevents osteoporosis

Did you know that ascorbic acid, or vitamin C found in homemade lemon juice and other citrus fruits, plays a big role in preventing osteoarthritis? If you don’t know what that is, please understand that once you turn 40 or 50, your joints will start to get creaky.

If you’re not careful, and put a lot of pressure on your joints, you might not be able to walk comfortably for any distance. That’s how bad osteoarthritis can be.

One way to prevent osteoarthritis, or at least minimize its effects, is through watching what you eat. When you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C, you maximize the amount of biochemical compounds in your system that increases the amount of collagen in your joints.

Collagen is the springy and spongy substance that prevents your bones from scraping against each other. If that sounds uncomfortable and nasty, it is. So do yourself a big favor; drink some of that homemade lemon juice, skip the sugar, and have yourself a good time.

It boosts iron absorption

When you drink homemade lemon water, you also boost your body’s absorption of iron. Iron is crucial because you need blood, and blood is mostly iron. Blood’s ability to carry oxygen throughout your body, so as to make sure that all your cells are properly nourished, depends on how much iron your blood contains.

By loading up on vitamin C in whatever form, you increase your blood’s ability to absorb iron. Please understand that just because you eat a balanced meal, doesn’t mean all the trace minerals and other nutrients in your food will become available to your body. This is called bioavailability.

For some reasons, certain lifestyle or eating choices degrade the bioavailability of the stuff that we should be eating. When you make sure that you have proper levels of vitamin C, you increase the bioavailability of iron in your system.

Keep the tips above in mind if you’re still on the fence regarding homemade lemon water. It definitely brings a lot of health benefits to the table.