What Causes Dandruff And How To Prevent It?

What cause dandruff and how to prevent it? Dandruff is often produced when your skin is in bad shaped. It either produces too much oil or not enough oil and as result you have this crusts and flakes breaking out on your scalp. Please understand that just because you have a lot of hair on your scalp, it doesn’t mean that your scalp is no longer skin.

That’s what really dandruff flare up is. It’s a skin condition. Remove the hair, it just boils down to overall skin health. It goes out at the saying that if you take care of your skin as well as using the right shampoo, your dandruff can be greatly reduced or completely go away.

Generally speaking, dandruff can be triggered by skin irritation. If your skin or hair is under a lot of stress don’t be surprised if your body reacts with dandruff. When paired with normally oily skin, you can pretty much bet, you’re going to have a dandruff problem on your hands.

This is normal dandruff. There is however severe forms of dandruff that involved dermatitis. Basically, you have a skin condition that leads to easy aggravation. It doesn’t take much for your skin to get aggravated. It starts to itch and the more you scratch, the more dandruff flakes are created.

In terms of a complete list of potential and actual causes of dandruff, the good news is it’s actually a short list. It all boils down to skin irritation, oily skin condition, not using the right shampoo or not applying enough shampoo to your hair leaving your hair dirty, refusing to wash your hair for several days and it also involves how skin cells accumulate on your scalp.

If you always use a hat or some sort of head ware that head gear that prevents your skin from breathing or sick ridding normal amounts of oil. These can be aggravating factors. And before you know it, your scalp starts to form flakes and starts to itch and you got a nasty looking mess on your hands.

You probably don’t need me to remind you how embarrassing dandruff could be specially, if you’re trying to make a presentation in front of people you don’t know or you’re trying to impress a member of the opposite sex.

Dandruff can also be caused by a yeast. There’s a special type of yeast called Malassezia. This yeast doesn’t directly cause dandruff. Instead it puts a lot of pressure on your skin because it irritates it. And as a result, your skin over reacts by increasing the amount of skin cells it produces. The problems is, if you have excess scalp skin cells, this can lead to dandruff. And it’s no surprise that people who have this special type of yeast on their heads tend to produce quite a bit of dandruff.

But it really all boils down to the tremendous amount of stress that the yeast puts on your scalp

The bottom line regarding what causes dandruff and how to prevent it is simple. Any compound or product or any external elements that puts a lot of pressure on your scalp skin can trigger dandruff. It may not happen overnight, you may not even notice it immediately bur you will eventually feel it once your scalp starts to itch and all those flakes start falling off your head like some sort of personal sow storm.

Do yourself a big favor and take good care of your hair. It really is that basic. It takes at least one shower a day, wash your hair thoroughly, use shampoo products that don’t overly stress your hair, if possible apply special oil or lotions to your hair that improves its natural silkiness. Maybe you should even massage virgin coconut oil on your scalp to soothe your scalp’s skin.

Remember, at its root, the main cause of dandruff is stress on your skin. Anything you can do to relieve some of that stress can definitely go along way as far as your dandruff issues go. It’s not really all that mysterious. It really all boils down to maintaining great overall scalp skin health

Another key area to improve on is your overall skin health

If you eat lots of fatty or oily foods, don’t be surprised if your scalp becomes really oily. After all, all that oil has to go somewhere, right? When your body is not storing the fat that you eat in the form of fat around your mid-section, thighs, hips, gut, or somewhere else, it is excreting it through your pores. Lovely, right? Sadly, this is the case for most people because they make their situation worse by loading up on sugar.

When you eat a high carbohydrate diet, your body becomes inflamed and your skin doesn’t process oils as efficiently as it should. A lot of this oil gets pent up in your skin and it’s not surprise that you end up producing dandruff or acne or, in the worst case scenario, a little bit of both.

How do you fix this problem? Watch what you eat. It’s that simple. Eat more fatty foods. Say what? If you cut down on carbs and load up on fat, you can trigger your body to burn fat as its main energy source. This triggers a wide ranging set of health benefits. Ketosis can be a very beneficial situation for most people.

First of all, your skin inflammation goes away. Did you know that the typical carb molecule has tons of water reception centers. This means that for every gram of carb you ingest, you soak up tons of water. No wonder so many people feel bloated! This water bloating damages your skin. When you switch to a high fat low carb diet, your skin inflammation goes away and your skin starts to look younger.

Second, when you load up on fat, your skin’s fat cycles normalize since its not under pressure from the inflammation happening with the rest of the layers of your skin. This means a more regular oil secretion process which leads to less or no dandruff.